A collection of real transformations by real clients.

"Fi is the best instructor around!I have been training with Fi for a few years now and have changed so much as a person in that time. Both physically and mentally.She has so much enthusiasm and is dedicated to making every single session perfect. The sessions are always varied and enjoyable.The early starts are something you get used to and begin to rely on as it really is the best start to the day.I owe so much to Fi for making the person I am today!"

"With Fi, I lost 2.5 stone in weight and am in the shape of my life. Once you get used to the early mornings there is literally no better way to start your day. There is an amazing team spirit and team ethic throughout the gym. The comradery, support, laughs and banter are always flowing. No great team was ever created without a great leader and this is where Fi comes into her own. Fi’s attention to detail, programme design, exercise regime, targeted exercises, exercise schedule and her ability to build you and progress you within the course are second to none. The results are clear for everyone to see."

"I can’t recommend Fi enough, it’s more than just the usual guidance and motivation, I started this very nervous about what my back and the rest of my body could and could not do after my surgery. Fi made sure that not only I was being safe, but never hesitated to adapt on the fly when I was concerned that something might cause me an issue, whether that’s in the group sessions, or in the 1:1 sessions I’ve recently started. I’m doing things now I never thought would be possible. Fi has genuinely changed my life for the better!”

"I joined Fi’s classes having no fitness or confidence in my ability to work out. I didn’t know anyone, however, Fi made me feel very welcome and the rest of the group did as well. She learned my ability level so quickly and the things I could do (like within two sessions), giving a massive friendly push when I needed it!!! I won’t lie, I have picked up injuries, but there was Fi again, changing the workout for my own needs, to allow me to attend still.   Working with Fi has not only increased my fitness, I’ve got stronger and lost lots of weight. The best bit for myself, it has increased my confidence massively and given me the mental strength to overcome and undertake a number of different personal challenges   Fi is fantastic at her ability as a gym instructor, she is supportive, encouraging and will guide you to whatever goal you want to achieve!! I love these classes and Fi’s positive attitude, which rubs off on you!! I now even have my wife doing the classes, alongside me!   I can’t recommend Fi enough!! She is fab in every way, and you will get a new you, by working with her!!"

"I started my fitness journey with Fi in January 2018, it was the best thing I ever did! I had an unhealthy relationship with fitness and food, but knew it was time to do something about it. I was so nervous when I first started but Fi made me feel totally at ease and so supported to become a better version of myself. Since training with Fi I have lost over 2 and a half stone and was finally able to apply for my dream job thanks to a new found confidence. Training with Fi not only helped me physically but also mentally, those endorphins every morning really did set me up for the day. Doing fitness classes with Fi are always fun and doing them with like minded people who are all there to achieve the same goal, is what kept me going back for more! You’ll learn Fi is always there to help bring the best out in you and she’ll help you to reach your goals, whilst having a laugh too! I cannot thank Fi enough for helping me become the person I am today, training with Fi really did make me fall back in love with fitness and has changed my life for the better!"

"I started my fitness journey with Fi in June 2018 and what journey is has been. I chose the course to help me with my many night sweats I had been experiencing due to Menopause! Not only doing regular exercise with Fi help me with my many night sweats it was also enjoyable. Fi makes exercise fun, her enthusiasm is infectious, you actually want to go to the gym, you really do not want to miss a session. When I had to have a day off due to social commitments, I really missed our sessions. I would often make excuses to friends so I could make sure I attended every class Fi offered me. When she offered extra sessions my name was first on the list, I just didn’t want to not be exercising, I enjoyed it that much, the session really did get the endorphins going! You feel alive after working out with her. In the four years I have been with Fi the classes have not been boring or repetitive. I have toned and tightened bits that needed to be toned. With Fi’s support I achieved goals I didn’t think would be possible, I never thought I would say this, I love a Burpee I do, I really do! I cannot recommend early mornings with Fi enough, the support and passion she has is catching, you will not be disappointed."

"I’ve been having personal training sessions with Fi for just over a year and can’t recommend her highly enough. Not only do I feel fitter and stronger, but am so much happier in myself. I’ve lost weight, clothes fit better, I’m far less stressed at work, and have more confidence. Fi takes the time to personalise PT programmes to help you work towards your specific goals, which for me was building up my endurance and lifting heavier weights. With her help, I’ve achieved that (although there’s always room to improve!). Without wishing to exaggerate, doing PT with Fi is one of the best things I’ve ever done. She’s a force of nature and really knows how to motivate you. I am doing things and lifting weights that I would never have believed possible – and it’s all because of her. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, get fitter/stronger, or just smile a lot more – get in touch with Fi. She will change your life for the better – just as she’s done for me."

"When i arrived at the gym i was in the worst shape of my life and looking for some inspiration and motivation. I found exactly what i needed. A very welcoming experience where people of all abilities work together share their achievements and celebrate progress. I can honestly say it has been a game changer for me. The courses progress at a manageable pace and the week off between courses feels well earned and allows me to reset so I feel fresh rested and motivated for the next course. The early mornings are a small price to pay for the confidence it gives you for the rest of the day and if you win enough days you win the weeks if you win the months then before you know it your winning the year and you can look back with pride. The instructor is brilliant hilarious friendly and has you laughing all the way. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to get in shape but wants to try something different and fun."

"I’ve trained alongside Fi for a number of years, starting out alongside her on the gym floor then onto her early morning class and then onto her PT sessions (as the early morning time wasn’t quite early enough for me to get to work on time), and I wouldn’t want to work with any other instructor/PT in the future, other than her! The early morning class is a great way to start the day. The programme is planned in detail to ensure that you work all parts of your body over the 5 days. Not only do you feel great but after just 6 weeks your body changes shape. It’s the only class I have been able to do, get to my goal in fitness and maintain it. Due to a job change I wasn’t able to make the early morning class work so I moved across to a weekly PT session with Fi and solo training at my local gym. Although I was very confident in the gym class, I had NO idea where to start in a commercial gym. That’s where Fi helped. She created a 6 week programme for me to do with her in her PT gym, and for me to do on my own at the gym (she literally planned out 6 weeks of workouts to hit my goals and demoed the workouts on a weekly basis at my PT session). We set some realistic targets and I was delighted to hit my weight goal after about 3 months. A weekly email kept me on track and motivated and held me accountable for my results- just what I needed! If you’ve tried endless gym memberships and fad diets to get to your ideal shape without much success you need to sign up to Fi’s programmes, She will really change your thinking and ‘I tried to lose weight’ will change to ‘I did lose weight and look how great I look’ within no time!"